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May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month!

Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the U.S., yet it is also the most preventable. Because so much of this type of cancer is directly associated with exposure to UV radiation from the sun, there are many ways to arm yourself against skin cancer. These include sunscreen (daily!), avoiding tanning beds, covering up and using UV-blocking sunglasses. The Skin Cancer Foundation also recommends a monthly skin self-exam and an annual skin screening.


Some ways you can participate in Skin Cancer Awareness Month include talking about Kate and her story. We are all gearing up for a sunny summer (fingers crossed), and sharing her experience can be a powerful motivator! No one expects a young person to succumb to skin cancer, and it’s a strong reminder that no one is immune. You can also join in the conversation with the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Facebook Page; they have information and resources to both research and share.

Finally – and with great excitement – I share with you the opportunity to join KATE’S TEAM at the Terry Fox Run – NYC! Registration is open and I very much hope to see you in Central Park on Saturday, 13 October to raise funds and awareness for cancer research. We will be sharing details as the Run approaches, but there will be a special award for the first participant to register – you can do so here